The Holiday
Just A Reminder: Adjust (your volume).
Wait until you hear sound. Almost every
space you Enter has Sound.
If your are
distracted, turn the volume down.
you can also move forward using
the page binding along edge of the
Could you imagine watching a
movie with -- no sound ? So if your computer
can enhance your environment -- then it should.

Look Alive. Keep breathing ...
The cover: "Packed" Winter 2003.
Captured Moment photo by
Christian Pedrotti

The beginnings to
... a new beginning.
The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
$ 4.95 U.S.
4th quarter 2003
"A Magazine In TV Land."
The Holiday
Issue 2003
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Totally Cool The MagaZine
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Take Note. To the reader: When an editorial story is
Listed and scheduled to be posted it may be for a
number of reasons that it does not make a certain
Issue. It will ultimately be published at the appropriate
time - for maximum performance.
Section lV
For Those of You
looking for "Cellie's
... Cellie will be
getting her own website
(coming soon -- to an
imagination near you).

Human Progress is
what we need to Create.
Now Playing on page, editorial Music Credit: "Take Me Away"
Fefe Dobson on Island Records ... in fine Stores everywhere.

A Link To The Past
There Will Be Many Changes Taking Place as
we do go forward. All kinds of Development.
The Look and Feel of our environment evolves
to the next Phase.
And evenso, There is
always much to see and experience. Always
... (Stay tuned.)

It takes you everywhere ...
2000 to 2002. You will

When the Links are
Red the Section is
open to the public.

Go forward

a division of Totally Cool broadcast Programing.
A registered trademark: 1994. In association with Evie Productions.
Our Hat's Off To
This is ...
On The Cover: Heatherette
captured Moment by
Dominic Bolton
Next Adventure
Laurie S. Schechter
"The World's 1st Vogue Style Editor"

Cover Photo - A Real Woman
Kelly shot by The Chung,
photographer Chung Lee.
"Niceness breeds Niceness" - Be
Happy ... Good Things are on the Way !
Out of the
comes ...
and there's
more. Stay ...
The Fashion Well

Fall Fashion
and so much more.
Baby's Phat
Miss America
Oh My My My
Not Bored ... He
said: Snowboard
Takashi Murakami
Reversed Double Helix
Sonic Vision
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Holiday Issue
The Front Cover
This Issue Will Remain front and center Until
Enjoy the Holiday Season.
COVER PHOTO: David Jacquot.
A Journey where there is the what to
see and always more coming.
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