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Carmen Marc Valvo "Beauty". Autumn / Winter 2003 - 2004.
Doing the Cigarette Pant thing. Carmen Marc Valvo for many years has what we call a "trademark
signature." Carmen always shows on a Mirror Black Runway. No one said it was easy to walk on.
But it sure looks good. You can reflect on it ... for a while. The Photographer is Chung Lee.
Section 2 - Part ll - 2003 into 2004 ...
Carmen Marc Valvo
Carmen Marc Valvo is ... Fashion History.
Carmen does only one thing. Great Beauty.
From the classic Cigarette Pant to flowing
graceful Evening selections. But that is not
the "Carmen Marc Valvo fashion history." In
1994 the Council of Fashion Designers of
America - a not for profit organization - began
the presentation of the Worldwide New York
International Fashion Shows called "7th on
Sixth." They were sponsored at that time by
General Motors. Then when the Fashion
Community reached the new millennium,
year 2000, it was Mercedes Benz who wore
the label of Sponsor. In 2002, with Mercedes
Benz still at the wheel, American Express
offered "Dinner with the Designer" and an
exclusive show package (where anyone could
go see the Fashion Show) for some $2200
per person. In fact, when that program began
the fashion Designer that was featured for
Dinner was none other than Carmen Marc
Valvo. And that's History.
Omahyra. Documented.
We have a title for her.
"The Hardest Working Model"
launching The New Millennium.
This is without question. The
industry loves a person who can
do the job and do it well. No.
She is not stuck up either. This
Lady is not only sweet, SHE IS
absolute Fun. Serious.
photos by
Chung Lee
"The hardest working Model."
Carmen Marc Valvo Fashions ... Fall / Winter
2003 - 2004.
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