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A Magazine Alive
Fast on Track. Showing a little shoulder. Diesel Fashion Creations are available in stores in
Europe and in the United States. For a New York City shopping experience Diesel has their store
on Lexington Avenue at 60th Street where you can check out all their styles for yourself. When
they opened the store in the mid 1990's (for some fashion history) it was the legendary entertainer
Eartha Kitt who cut The Red Ribbon (Grrrrrrrowl). Photo Images by Mr. David Jacquot.

Editorial Music Credit:
Do It Like A Robot
Princess Superstar
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The MagaZine
Section 2 - Part ll - 2003 into 2004 ...
Back To School
Hip, Chic, and Cool.
When we reach
that "Back to
School" time it
does not
necessarily mean
that the Summer
is over.
It just means it is
a time when we
learn more.
This is
Back to School
We Get
Diesel Style Lab ... Autumn / Winter 2003 - 2004.
Photograph by David Jacquot.
Special Thanks: Paul Wilmot Communications.
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