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Shot on The Runway. The Lower Eastside look. Schott Bros. Autumn 2003 / Winter 2004
collection featured in New York City at the NABRU New York Urban Fashion Shows
presented at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. Images by Richard Renda.

Section 2 - Part ll - 2003 into 2004 ...
Shot On
When Schott Bros. debuted on the New York City runway they featured their classic leathers and the next evolution of
the clothing line. Which meant leather was combined with wool, cotton, and fleece -- with zippers, without zippers --
with quilting, with fur, with everything that would make the Schott experience last a very long time. Schott Bros. has a
reputation for making clothes that last. As well as clothes that keep you safe. Fall on solid concrete and see what
happens. If there was a Schott leather involved it might get scuffed up but most likely you would not. We have heard
many stories of people falling off of a motorcycle and they did not get cut. As far as lasting a long time, there are
people who tell tales of their Dad who had the Schott Bros. leather hanging in the closet for 40 years. Until they died.
Blue "Rush Hour" hooded
Warm-up with a reversible
Messenger Jacket.
Cream Grid
Quilt Velour
Images by
Richard Renda
Gridlock Crosshatch "Dark Wash" Denim Jean and Jacket from Schott Bros. Fall / Winter 2003 - 2004.
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