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Autumn 2003
Winter 2004
seasons ...

Shot on The Runway. Speaking of shot on the runway and continuing the long history of
Schott Bros., the very first time when they appear on a New York City Big Gotham Runway is this
season. Credit and Thanks goes out to the New York Urban Collections (NABRU) and Yohance
DeLoatch. Here is the Denim tiger stripe tie dye Suit. Captured moment by Richard Renda.
Welcome to
The World
of Clothes.
People talk about the Fashion Community like it is a family. Something you have to be on the inside to understand.
A World totally exclusive to the elite, the Jet Set. That is not true. An outsider may think they have no place in that
community. That is not true either. No one is excluded from The Fashion Community worldwide. It is a playground.
Where all are welcome. In Life it is the place where creation intended for you to have Fun. Someone in the flatlands
or in rural areas far from the Big Cities may say "but what does that World have to do with me, I have nothing to do
with that industry ? I could never fit in there." Again, wrong. Evenutally the Fashion Community reaches out and
touches everybody. From the most elegant Evening Dress to the simple styling of a farmhand's jeans. You just
have to understand The Fashion Community to know you are a part of it. And to do that, you have to understand --
Fashion. Once you do, you become as you would in any great family: "related. " We are going to make it easy for
anyone to understand the World of Fashion and The Fashion Community, easy for you to become a part of it. What
is Fashion ??? That is the answer to everything. Here is the understanding. Fashion is about one thing. "The World
of Clothes & Accessories." When you mix Style ... with clothes ... you get a final result: "Fashion." There it is. Simple.
You wear clothes ? Then -- you are part of the Fashion Community. Now climb into your jeans and give yourself a
little style. See what Fashion is about ? It is about you. That's right. You. Welcome to The World of Clothes.
Welcome to ... The Fashion Community. Call it what it is. "Yours."
Need a little cutting edge,
maybe a little Urban,
something to go with
the motorcycle, maybe
something for the fast
pace ? Schott Bros. is
on the move. This is the
Schott Bros. collection
on the runway in New
York City. A first.
Since they have shown
on Runways around the
World but not in New
York we asked why ?
Schott told us
they look at life
like we do. They
do not go some
where unless
they are invited,
unless they are
wanted. It was
not until 2003
that someone
invited them to
show on a New
York runway.
Thank you NABRU
Shot at the Crowne
Plaza Hotel in Times
Square by R. Renda
Schott Bros. Autumn 2003 / Winter 2004 Collection featured on the New York City Runways.
Shot on location at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Time Square. (
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