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Section 1:
Porter's Skin Care Products - Hired Hand Cream and Hired Hand Body Scrub.
Above Porter's Lotion and the Porter's bag. Images by Richard Renda.

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Skin Deep
You know when you go through a rough Winter
and get into Spring and you have just survived
weather elements on your skin -- or you are
taking advantage of a warm weather climate
somewhere frolicing with the beach thing --
your skin gets dry, flaky, and chapped. You
start looking for that special lotion, that magic
potion to soothe the skin you are in. Well,
when you want the perfect product we have
found that special one. Like an old time recipe
from the man who rolls in town on a covered
wagon inviting you to come on down, come to
the Square to see his wares at the Medicine
The name is Porter's -- the skin products packaged like some rustic concoction sitting on the shelf
of some backwoods pharmacy. The stuff that special people know about. Because it is just that
good. No one said good things are easy to find. But we can tell you where to get what you need.
Sometimes you have to stop the running and the chaos and give yourself a break. Many of our
friends tell us you have to stop and pamper your self every now and then. Treat your body good.
And there are those times when -- a good lotion or a good oil or a good scrub is exactly what you
need to feel good.
So, let's see.
What is this
all about ?
Richard Renda
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