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ToTaLLy CoOL ®
Porter's -- for the special something in your Life. Featured on page is the
Porter's Liquid Soap, The Bug Barrier bug repellent, The Lotion for dry skin, The
Lip Balm for those chapped lips, the hand made Vanilla Oatmeal and Citrus Witch
Hazel Soaps for that pampered feeling.

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For over 60 year Porter's Lotion™ was in fact actually made - in a
barrel - in the back of a drug store in Bozeman, Montana. Developed
around the 1930's by a hometown pharmacist, the crystal clear tonic
(potion) has been handling dry skin for decades. People found it
when Heber Porter opened a pharmacy in 1931 at the Baxter Hotel.
Heber died in 1955. The lotion continued to be manufactured and
sold by a local pharmacy. In Bozeman for his 30th high school
reunion, Michael Anderson read the Bungalow
Drugstore was closing its doors.
Skin Deep
Porter's - Bozeman Montana
"The Best Natural Skin Care
For 70 Years."
Michael Anderson paid a visit to the owners and with friends from high
school purchased the formula and rights to the Porter's Lotions. The
rest is history -- together the foursome founded Gallatin River Products.
The quality and legacy of
the product continues with
Porter's Dry Skin Lotion
and a complete group of
family-safe, simple soaps,
moisturizers and yes - bug
repellent made from the
most natural ingredients.

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