This is a close-up of the Earth shoe "Peace" sandal. It is a very limited edition shoe that in
Time will be "a collectors item", a museum piece. In the year of 2003, in America a young
man was arrested at a shopping mall (true story) for the sole offense of: wearing a Peace
sign on his t-shirt. When thinking about or promoting Peace is undesirable in any society,
well -- Mother Nature will have a lot to say about it. To the Earth shoe company and
employees, on behalf of life itself: we say "thanks" for making this shoe.

Editorial Music Credit:
Third Degree Charm
Floyd Lee / Joel Poluck
Amogla Records

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Totally Cool
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On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
On the road of what
happens next ...
These Feet are
make for walking ...
The limited edition "Peace" Sandal.
Looking at the season to
come. This is a close-up of
The Orion. The men's lace
Dress Shoe in the black or
brown as featured here will
work well in Urban City
The Earth has
good things for
you to see.
Black and brown leather
footwear helps shoes stay
fresh, clean, and looking new
when dealing with daily work
loads. Lighter colors like sand
and kakhi take a bit more care
to keep clean as they have a
tendency to show dirt and scuff
marks easier. Something you
may want to consider when
buying your next pair of shoes.
The Earth Shoe.
A new angle on life.
Peace. It just
snuck in
The Aroma Boot
in Rossa Kid
Suede (shown)
also comes in
Black Kid Suede,
leather, and
This is the Dune
crisscross sandal
2003 / 2004
"Peace" is "Always Good
News All The Time" ... as
they say: "Something that
comes from the Heart".
On a shoe with sole
In the Future --
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