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A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
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NYC Pet Project by Edward J. Kaczmarek III and Michael J. La Rue ... is available at fine
bookstores. Photos by Jason Lindberg and Ron Monk. Published by Good Books Publishing Inc.
ISBN 0-9724259-0-X

PET Project -- from the view of
everyday people, actors and
actresses, firefighters, police,
newlyweds, children, at home,
at work, on the street. So many
people. (Just love the shot of
Mary Tyler Moore. Big Smile.
Heartfelt. Like the picture of
Alicia Silverstone with Humane
Society puppies for adoption.)
The NYC Pet Project hard cover
book includes Broadway Barks,
A Cause for Paws, Pet-I-Care,
the ASCPA, and The Tigger
Foundation to name a few.
These images are
only a small taste
of this grand Pet
experience. Stop
in your favorite
bookstore and
see the NYC Pet
Project. For the
pet loves in your
life, or if you can
get someone to sit
and read, this will
reach an emotion.
Good for the kids
too. Coversations
of real life. Some
thing to be shared.
Something to be
enjoyed by the
whole family. A
something for --
NYC Pet Project
photos by Jason
Lindberg, Ron Monk.
When you can't have a Pet there
is no reason you can't have a Pet
Eric with his
on 42nd St.
actress Mary (Tyler Moore) with
rescued dogs Shana and Shadow.
Janice with her
Labrador Makik at
the NBC Studios
Bill Pullman
Cheers ! ! !
Miss USA 2002
Shauntay and her
pet turtle Tyron
Roy and therapy dog Cody
on their Harley-Davidson
With Maxie is Rhea
Perlman of the TV hit
series -- "Cheers".
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