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Anne Kalso's Negative Heel shoe sold in Copenhagen was brought to the U.S. with the first
New York Store opening in 1970. The demand ultimately grew to what was over 100 stores.
This is the Minneapolis store.

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A matter of Earth ...
The shoe with soul.
Back in the 1960's and 70's --
in a time when culture, creativity,
consciousness, and awareness
blossomed with progressive ideas
and self realization the earth gave
birth to a new way of looking at
things. It gave humanity a new
angle. It gave birth to negative
heel technology. A shoe that was
designed with the heel lower than
the toes.
Anne Kalso
Drawing by Don Mackay, Newsweek 1974.
The Earth Shoe, originally
known as those funny
slanted shoes by Anne
Kalso, was created in 1957
and perfected over the next
decade. In 1969 Eleanor
and Raymond Jacobs got
together with Anne Kalso,
a Danish costume designer
and yoga instructor. Anne
agreed to allow Eleanor
and Raymond to market
the shoes in America. The
first store opened in 1970,
in New York, on Earth Day.
There the shoe became
known as The Earth Shoe.
The one store grew to more than 50 in the United States. There were
lines out the doors. An ad even had to be published to tell people they
were being made as fast as possible. Anyone who knew about Cool in
those days had at least one pair They became such a big hit because
they were the shoe that had a Health connection. They promoted better
posture, breathing, and circulation. They also induced a well being Yoga
state of mind. Anne realized that the lowering of the heel in the shoe
could help people reach a similar feeling to that created by the Lotus
position in Yoga. After a good run of 7 years the supply could not meet
the demand and in 1977 the shoe came to rest.
- The Earth Shoe -
One step ahead in style
And now ... now
they are back !!!
Spring Men -
The Orion in
Kahaki and
in Black
Spring Ladies -
The Lotus clog
Spring The
ladies Melody
sandal in Blue
and the Meadow
in Sandstone
circa 1970's. Earth Shoe Store.
Line of people out the door.
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