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American Museum of Natural History Central Park
West at 79th Street, New York City.
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And the Celebration
The Hall of Ocean Life at the Museum of Natural History, one of New York City's grandest and most popular spaces
and home to the beloved 94-foot-long blue whale opens its doors again. Having undergone a total renovation that
restored the Hall to its classic elegance, the 29,000-square-foot Hall is now a spectacular fully immersive marine
environment with high-definition video projections, interactive computer stations, and 8 new ocean habitat displays.
The 14 distinctive ocean dioramas created for the Hall in the 1930's and 1960's are refurbished and the whale has
been modified to reflect current scientific research. The opaque, original skylights above the whale have been fitted
with shimmering blue lights to emulate undulating waves creating the impression of being submerged in the depths
of the sea. An 18' x 8' high video wall presentation transports visitors further into the heart of the ocean realm through
integration of high definition footage of undersea life, animations, graphics, and an evocative soundtrack. Exhibition
designers have restored 150 original models and fabricated over 600 new ones ranging from tiny green bubble algae
to a 14-foot-long whale shark to computerized bioluminescent fishes that flicker with a lifelike glow.

Whale Is Back !
The American Museum of
Natural History, Central Park
West between 77th and 81st
Street. New York, New York.
Above: The Hall of Ocean Life undergoing restoration. Below: The restoration is COMPLETED.
The Hall of Ocean Life restoration was made possible by the generosity of Imma and Paul Milstein. It will be appreciated by many for
decades to come. We tip our hat and say -- for all who enjoy a good Whale of a story -- "thank you".
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