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Surf's UP ! ! !
Where the surf is up
there is a beautiful girl
around, somewhere.
This is Elvira. For the
younger generation
who may not know who
she is, let's just say she
is ... TV's Goddness of
the Nights. The Real
Hostess with the
There are so many fine photographs in the
book "Masters of Surf Photography: Art Brewer"
we could never do it justice in just a few pages.
You have to see it for yourself. When Spring is
sprung soon it will be time for surf summer fun.
Maybe this will get you started.
Elvira by
Surf Master
Lensman Art Brewer
Masters of Surf Photography: Art Brewer - not only has detailed photographs of people riding the wave or looking
for a wave, it also shares with us some of the insights Art Brewer himself has experienced over the tens of
thousands of miles he has traveled to catch the perfect wave. Each time you go back to this book and
look at the images again, you know what the meaning of breathtaking really is.
"Masters of Surf Photography: Art Brewer" - sold in fine book stores.
ISBN 0-9663771-2-5 Volume 2
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