SC Johnson - that natural Cool company is a 117 year old family owned and family managed business dedicated
to innovative, high quality products, excellence in the workplace, with a long term commitment to the environment
and the communities in which it operates. Annual sales are estimated at more than $5 billion, and and a portion of
those profits - about four times more than the average corporate givings - are contributed each year to programs
and projects focused on improving the quality of life for people around the world. Based in Racine, Wisconsin, the
company's national historic landmark Frank Lloyd Wright designed headquarters is a "center of creativity" for its
12,000 employees around the world. SC Johnson markets such well-known brands as Edge ® and Skintimate ®,
among others, in over 100 countries worldwide. Photo images by Richard Renda.

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So the MEN do not feel left out, here is a line up
of Shaving Gels that serve especially well the man
who has his own requirements.
Edge Active Care ® Shave Gel makes the shaving
experience a comfortable one. Each Edge Active
Care ® formula specifically addresses the man's
needs with added skin care benefits, providing
superior protection from the razor's edge.

Edge Natural Cool™ with Eucalyptus is a
unique formula that cools and soothes skin for
extra protection from razor burn. It contains
natural extracts from the eucalyptus plant and
lubricates skin for a better shave experience.
Edge Active Care ® Clean Shave Gel is a
super rich gel containing a facial cleanser. It
helps lift dirt and oil from the skin's surface.
Edge Active Care ® Aloe Infused Shave Gel
contains natural Aloe Vera. It is designed to
deliver a close shave while providing added
shaving irritation protection.

Edge Active Care ® Ultra
Sensitive Shave Gel is a
therapeutic gel with no
dyes or perfumes specially
designed to minimize
irritation and help fight
razor bumps, a problem
common among African
American males.
SC Johnson Edge Shave
Gel products are available
in all mass merchandise
outlets, drug stores, and
Retails about $2.50 -- not a
lot to pay to get that man,
close to the edge.

Introducing a Cool New Way to Shave. Joining the EDGE ACTIVE
CARE ® shave gels, SC Johnson adds EDGE ACTIVE CARE ®
Natural Cool™ Shave Gel with Eucalyptus can help one breeze
through the day.
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