The Ladies who appear on the front cover of the May 2,
2003 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine are a
grass roots guitar playin' violin hoe-down banjo pickin'
American band, a musical talent, prophets of vibrations --
known as The Dixie Chicks. What to note here is they
are received warmly by the general public and loved by
millions of people who have enjoyed the Dixie Chicks
music -- then due to the American Military invasion of
Iraq and being concerned with innocent lives that would
be hurt one of the Ladies said publically at a concert: she
was embarrassed by the man who History records as
having been appointed President of America. Since that
man came from her Home State, she did not speak
merely her opinion ... she spoke of what was her View.
To punish her for speaking -- radio broadcasters took
the Chicks off the on-air playlist and other people burned
their CD's. Because she exercised Freedom. Instead
of her Views being welcome, people who allegedly loved
the music now: did not. Another great example. When
you do not tell people just what they want to hear (and
only what they want to hear): you become the enemy.
A Dixie Chick looked at life beyond Black and White
and saw what was to come ... in living color.
Universe said, "See the world naked --"

Section 1:
Some People Are Destined
To Be Here
The Future remembers.
The Way You See The Truth.
Freedom was never "a gift",
(Remember) it is ... a right.
Around the world and in America -- many people want to be Free from the dictators,
tyrants, and politicians in their own land that would take from you what are your rights.
When any person is made to be afraid to speak or that right is taken away - abridged:
that is not Freedom or Liberty. A reality the weak may not really want to face, no less
hear. Some leaders just tell you to believe it when they say that "you are Free" ... even
if it is not so. Then ... who loses ? Below are 2 pictures appearing in the same City
on the same day in 2 different Newspapers. A father holding a badly burned child.
30 years from now will this baby love or hate ? Here we understand what is the meaning of peace.
You can ask yourself one question ... how would an American father or mother feel if this was their baby ?
Caption -- "Innocent Victim: An Iraqi man seeks help from U.S. troops, for his son, wounded after attackers
launched an assault on an arms cache ..." Spring 2003. Photo credit: The New York Post - Reuters.

The New
York Daily
News printed
the event in
black and
white. The
New York
Post printed
the exact
in color.

Headline: "Weapons dump erupts in Baghdad, killing 14"
Caption -- "Innocent Victim: An Iraqi man seeks help ..."
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Much to be exposed to --
Richard Renda
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