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Laurie S. Schechter
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The Beauty Trend Report ... begins
(This is Margaret.)
The Real Beauty
Trend Report
by Jason Reiser
A good Trend Reporter can forecast
what will happen in the market and on
the scene for at least the next year.
Recently some (alleged) fashion
Stylists have said "What Is IN" -- in
the Beauty Department is: "Red" lips,
red lipstick. But is that actually true ...
or is it something someone wants you
to believe just because they say it is
so and because they understand you
may not know better ?

Well, that does not help you. Are these so-called
expert Stylists really just people in the industry who
are motivated by selling their Boss something on
video tape to be aired on CNN or some other Satellite
Media Network so they get another job and ... make
more money for themselves ? If the expert Fashion
Stylist did not have something to say what good would
they be ? Yet, there is a BIG difference when you talk
about something because it is going along with what
other people say or it is because you are in the know
(and can back up what you say with -- the proof).

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The Zang Toi Collection 2004
photograph by Jason Reiser
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