When the Weatherman tells you a storm is coming you act and prepare. But then it does not come. Yet, by
the mere suggestion of it you alter your life and your schedule. The story of people Manipulating you. TV
news media networks are the biggest manipulators using the Power of Suggestion. They suggest you, as a
viewer, buy into their hype. You get sucked in and "believe" what they say or sell you. Like when the Mayor of
New York City said that 5000 people were killed at the New York World Trade Center. Because he suggested
it was so the public took it as fact. Then months later you learn the truth. About 2900 people died. A good
example of how controlled you can be is the invasion of the Middle East in March 2003. A major event that
involves the interest of the whole World. Of course, beyond the cost that any aggression brings, it jeopardizes
Peace and evolves future terrorist attacks. During these times, for 270 million people in America, (aside from
local news broadcasts) there was a choice of 3 TV News sources. Sources the public would form opinions
from. CNN, which has a pretty good reputation for accurate reporting -- but is influenced by the hand of
censorship. Then there were MSNBC and Fox News, well known CNN wannabes with admittedly their bias
right wing reporting and heavy right wing suggestive opinions. That is all there was. For 250 million people:
3 Nationwide News sources. The safety of Life Itself to be based on the suggested opinions of 3 national News
sources ? From those 3, people got only what government wanted seen. Basically the one sided point of view.
Then ... if you were really desperate to know who was killing whom, you may have gotten lucky and found one
more Nationwide News network -- NewsWorld International Cable News. They are tucked far away in the
upper channels. But they showed the public video footage from News resources
All Around The World.
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A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Richard Renda
Editorial Director

"There will never be another business depression if people generally realize that their own fearful
thoughts literally create hard times. They think hard times and hard times follow. So it is (the
same) with wars. When peoples of the world stop thinking of depressions and wars, they (the wars
and the depressions) will become non-existent -- Nothing comes into our economic sphere unless
we first create it with our emotional thinking. Dr. Walter Dill Scott, eminent psychologist and long
president of Northwestern University, told the whole story when he said, "Success or failure in
business is caused more by mental attitudes even than by mental capacities."
You may have read of the night of October 20, 1938, when Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater
players broadcast (on radio) a dramatization of H. G. Wells' novel, The War of the Worlds. lt was
a story of an invasion by some strange warriors (creatures) from the planet Mars ... thousands of
people were scared (hysterical) -- some rushed out-of-doors, police stations were besieged, eastern
telephone exchanges were blocked. New Jersey highways were dogged. In fact, for a few hours
following the broadcast, there was genuine panic among millions of listeners who believed our
earth was being attacked by invaders from Mars. Yes, indeed, belief does cause some strange and
unusual happenings ! Human beings are human beings the world over, all subject to the same
emotions, the same influences, and the same vibrations." (And ... the power of suggestion.)
Power of Suggestion
The Head Trip
We proposed a question to people with
money - investors. (And some without
money, but potential investors.) We
said, let's say there is "no recession."
And I am a politician spending lots of
money to be elected, let's say -- as
a Senator, or Congressman, or even
President for that matter. I go out and
as part of my political platform that I'm
selling to the people -- I tell the press:
"we are going into a recession." So,
we asked the investors what they
would do ? Always the same answer.
Each person said just hearing we were
going into a recession
they would pull
their investments. And thus ... they
actually become: the catalyst that
creates that "recession". The Power
of Suggestion. So if you tell people
there is recession when there is not:
they react by the millions. They panic,
pull their monies, your surpluses
deplete, your deficit which may be
down goes way up. And, for years to
come the person who suggested there
was a recession when it did not exist
caused the recession. What next ?
Distract. Use more Suggestion.
You can learn some great things if you think about what is being said
here, in context. Note: this is really strange, weird. AFTER -- after we
the research for the column to the right, looking for some backup
material, we opened a book to: any page. The first page we came to
was somewhere in the middle of the book. Oddly enough, it was a
chapter called "Suggestion Is Power." When we read that page, we
knew it was magic. Nothing else was needed to make the point. The
book was first published in
1948. A powerful book that can easily be
misused. Still, the chapters on Suggestion and Mental Art Pictures are
highly recommended. The book is called "The Magic of Believing" by
Claude M. Bristol.
Here are the 2 paragraphs we - stumbled - on.
People being Used
Realize how the Power of Suggestion
Works - for you and against you.
Artwork: Alberto Rizzo.
Power of Suggestion - The Head Trip - more suggestion
It was NWI you went to if you wanted to know (get a slight idea) how the Arab and Muslim people see the
bloodshed and bombing of their communties. The Arab and Muslim peoples are alive and have feelings too.
They are not be dismissed or considered anything less. 100's of millions of people and 100's of millions who
could retaliate for decades to come. Beyond all roadblocks, NewsWorld International showed video footage
of a little girl who was shot in the head by America military troops, while she was riding in a car. A Journalist
had rescued her. Next you see the soldiers behind a house crouched down huddling around the young girl.
The video camera was recording. They were trying to fix her head. A soldier yelled, "Shut that off." The
female reporter said "Why ? Because you shot her." If someone like NewsWorld International had not shown
that footage more than 250,000,000 people would have been in the dark and would not have had the chance
to know of this happening. It was obvious to much of the public that the major News Networks were covering
it up. Because masses of people all across the Country were talking about it. CNN and the other Networks
had no choice. They had to broadcast the footage. And they did. The day after. Sure there were those who
would have like to shut up NewsWorld International. But they were doing big business. They were getting
all the viewers who wanted to know more. Those who had a thirst to know more about: what was the truth,
instead of the manipulation of what those admittedly right wing (and politically biased) Networks suggested
was the truth. Another good example of manipulation and the power of suggestion is in 2003 when officials
suggested that if you wrap your house with duct tape and plastic it will protect your family from radiation
fallout. Life gave you your own mind. It also expected that you will use it -- not let others use it for you.
Remember the story of the millions of people who thought invaders from Mars were attacking the earth ???
It is sad, and dangerous, to see that the lives of more than 250 million people are in the hands of 3 Television
News Networks. This is not 1938 or 1948, a time when some people thought the whole World was just about
what is happening in their own backyard communities. It is a time when the world is Global. What happens at
the Global level can directly effect any community you come from. Your whole future depends on if you are
safe or not, tomorrow. It was once said, "when you do not know the truth ... you can never be safe." Many
internet news providers also tailor their content to what is -politically correct- for whatever administration is in
power. Talk about the head trip. Maybe one day we will have news resources that we can get the whole truth
from. Until then we do the best we can. 20 or 30 years from now it will be different. All the old bad guys will
-expire- die and that generation will preserve life. Why ? Because that generation will see all the manipulations
of the generations past and they will realize all it brought was more death. When someone tells you to kill
another human being instead of just doing it you should ask your self: if you should. When others tell you the
enemy wants to kill you, ask why ? That is when -you- become a master of ... The Power of Suggestion.
Artwork by:
Alberto Rizzo
Suggest good things. And, good things happen.
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