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Section 1:
A Lady named Madonna
Talk on a milestone, long road
traveled. A girl who has done
it all. She's talented and savvy.
She is Hot and she's emotional.
A soul with deep feeling. In
the mix comes another level
of Life. Here we talk about the
person -- an individual in time
and space. Then the Universe
added another element to the
picture: electricity. It turned on
something called an amplifier,
a sound system. And then it
added what comes from within:
Talent. The Universe brought
together more. A Vortex of
people. And from that volcanic
eruption in Space rose a Lady
the World has come to know in
modern times as "Madonna."
A talent that bleeds musicial
song and knows how to dance.
Pure human energy. For over
20 years Madonna has sung
songs that win the heart. While
moving on a Holiday or seeing
the explorations of a Virgin.
One ray of light has many messages. On the road evolving,
a well respected publication in The Fashion Community --
W Magazine, brought forth a vision of Madonna that would
even give The Prophets much to think about. Is this science
fiction or is this real ... one might ask ? Thinking about
Madonna a musical talent and then showing you a spread
by photographer Steven Klein, you might even ask yourself
what year or what time are you in -- the present or some
other time in space ? We know many people will not get
to see what we are talking about because they may not be
able to obtain W Magazine. We normally suggest going to
a library. But if the library does not have it either - well.
Let's try this. When the 44 page photo shoot W Magazine
and Madonna did accomplish, appeared on the newsstands,
it was these images that clearly demonstrated what we saw
and what Life may be speaking. Reflections deeper inside.
to W Magazine.
One of the Biggest
Magazines around
April 2003
Front Cover
Madonna -- but in
what Century ?
Congratulations to W magazine, photographer Steven Klein, and the Lady in Destiny: Madonna. The
visual seen above, p. 228 W magazine April 2003 (and the Front Cover) can make those who think
they know what they see wonder what it is they really see. What do you think you see ? If possible
find the issue for yourself. May be a needed trip to the library. And explore what is a Lifetime.
p. 228 W Magazine
4th month year 03.
moment by
Steven Klein
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