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Speaking of shaving, for the man (or woman), those who like to get really close to the cutting
edge in a traditional way -- all is not lost. The Porter's line also consists of the Porter's
Collection Series with the pure Bristle Brush Shaving Outfits (as shown) or the Badger Brush.
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Porter's Gallatin River Skin Care has a wide range of products to meet your every
need including Hired Hand Laundry Soap and a natural blend Household Cleaner.
Skin Deep
Here We Can
Take A Look

Above left to right is The Gardeners' Group for the serious Gardener. There is the Restorative Hand
Cream with lime scent and creamy texture. The Cornmeal Honey bar soap. Gentle on sensitive skin.
A Cuticle Fix for those working hands. A quick relief Muscle Rub that combines castor seed and soy
bean oil with eucalyptus leaf. A Pumice and green soap Scrub that cleans without stripping your
essential oils. And a sunflower grape seed oil Foot Balm. The right reason to pamper your feet.
This Porter's Group is "Sarah's Skin Care" line. Dedicated to the need for that very extra pampering,
a moisturizing of the skin and a tender rub to the dance strained muscles. Left to right is by Porter's:
Sarah's smooth All Over Moisturiser Cream and Sarah's handmade Saturday Night Soap bar (with
rosemary extract and palm olive lemongrass oils). Then after a Yoga session or a night out comes
Sarah's Dance Girl Muscle Rub. Ummm, that's sounds g-o-o-d. There is a dry skin, after shower and
shaving, Leg Lotion of lavender rosemary and fir needle oils. Plus Sarah's Facial Moisturizer with
grape seed lime sunflower oils. It does not stop there. Porter's products can be found at your local
mom and pop drug store. When it is rough to get deep, Skin Deep, this will help:
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