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The Real Beauty
Trend Report
by Jason Reiser
Let's look at what is really happening,
going forward in The Beauty Department.
The story is not Red Lips. Red lips and
red lipstick are simply classic. That is a
fact and will be the base of what is "Hot !"
for decades to come (just as it has been
for decades in the past). The so-called
trend hype comes from commentators,
not experts.
One TV commentator tried to hang their hat on who wore
what at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards and cited (used)
Salma Hayek as the reason for the red lip trend, along with a
few other Hollywood notables. After that, TV anchorpeople
rode the same coattail. But if you know Salma you know she
loves red lipstick and she wears it often -- no matter what year
you are in or what the trends may be. If one noticed, on the
night of the 2003 Golden Globes Awards, she did not only
wear red lipstick -- she wore a shade that was an exact match
for her dress.
What the real Trend in Lips and lipstick
are, actually ... it is: two Trends. One (it
is not red), overall it is
Red with Plum
in it
. It leans in that direction. You see
it everywhere. Now and going forward
into at least 2004.
The second Trend, (very sexy) also a
leader in sensual emotion is lipstick that
is the color of
your own lip skin color: a
shade or two darker
. Lipstick a shade or
two darker then your own lip color is the
"Trend" that has the most individualist
identity and is "most desirable." (Beauty
Photos on page -- Zang Toi 2004.)
If you look at the photographs on these
pages you see the Plum lipstick: deep,
dark, and rich. This is
what was worn on The
Runways over and over
in designers' collections.
An accurate barometer
to gauge the future.
The Real Beauty Trend Report. Beauty Photos by Jason Reiser. Looking in
The City of the Crystal Ball you get the vision of what will be in the Future.
Featured here is a peek at the Zang Toi fashion presentation for the 2004
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