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The Earth shoe, as Legend has
it, was inspired and created
from something Anne Kalso
saw as she walked along the
beach in Brazil. What she saw
was a deep revelation. It was,
you will not believe, Footprints
In The Sand. Anne noticed that
when you walk on any sandy
beach naturally, for gravitation
balance, your heel is lower
than the ball of your foot. Earth
shoe designs found in stores
today have jumped leaps and
bounds since the day of those
original funny duck feet shaped
shoes. Today the Earth Shoe is
available in 23 styles for men
and 31 for women. Ranging
from the Dress Up it's time go
to work shoe -- to the get down
fun let's play weekend shoe.
In fact, for the most part, Earth
shoes are good anytime you
want to keep your feet on the
- The Earth Shoe -
They're back ! ! !

A view upon the Earth.
Spring / Summer 2003
Autumn / Winter
2003 - 2004
The Earth shoe Work Boots, Chukka Boots, Suede boots, Clogs,
Sandals, Sneakers, and more ... much more. (
Footwear pictures by Richard Renda.
on page shoe images by Richard Renda
The Dreamer in
cs rosso and sea blue
Spring 2003 Earth
Energy (left and right)
in Rosso and Black
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