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"The Accessory Wolf." Gregg Wolf ... Jewelry Designer.
This is the "Monster I.D. Bracelet" made from Sterling Silver.
Gregg Wolf works with all materials -- gold, silver, and platinum.
Photo images by Richard Renda.
Even the dog has to have his or her own fashion accessory. Unless you want them
to be out of style. This is Puc - a Chinese Crested Hairless pedigree - modeling the
Pyramid Dog Collar. Above are the Pyramid Cuffs for Men and Women by Gregg Wolf.
Section 3:
The Accessory
Gregg Wolf Designs
He has been rooted there in "the Village" for over 20 years and he has designed individual pieces for some of
the biggest names in the fashion business (Ralph Lauren, Sean John, BASCO, Randolph Duke, Perry Ellis,
Sprouse, Cathy Hardwick when Gucci's Tom Ford was her assistant) and the list goes on. He was born in
Ohio, grew up in Farmington - Connecticut, went to Simsbury High School north of Hartford, then to College
and headed right for New York. Things he loves are making Jewelry, his dog Puc, and purple tootsie roll pops
Gregg Wolf is a Downtown New York City accessories Craftsman -- a/k/a Jewelry Designer.
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