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Richard Renda
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The Star pin and bracelet to add with the Stars above. For more info try www.Lalique.com
Section 3:
La. La. La ...
Accessory Department
La La La. Lalique Bijoux. This story is purposely for the young lady who is doing a new season at
school, yet wants some great accessory that she can afford. This story is also for anyone who would like
to buy someone a quality "gift." For no reason at all. Like Mom or the girlfriend ...
or the boyfriend.
Although, there are: Birthdays and Holidays year round. We would make note that many of the men do
wear the "classic" Lalique Moon Ring. Looks great. Feels good. The darker colors are a big favorite for
the guys. Very C-o-o-l ... totally.
Photographs by Richard Renda.
Anyone who knows cool-ness knows we do love The Long History and fine quality / craftsmanship that is Lalique.
However, in general, we cover them during the Holiday Season. Not at other times through the year. Here we make
the exception. Why ? Because it has to do with "systems." Systems. That is a well respected word when it comes
to Clothes, Fashion, and Accessories. It makes life easy -- easier. And it helps with choice. Lalique introduced us
to 4 pieces that caught our eye. The ring, the cross, the earring, and the stars. They all had systems. Big in choice.
Systems are about "add ons."
You start with a base and add
versatility. You build from that.
Images by Richard
The Classic Lalique Moon
Ring adds to every outfit. A
solid accessory that plays
off of the lights around you.
Lalique sphere
earrings where you
can add accessories
or take some away.
The Stars.
Wear 1 or
wear 4.
The crosses on a hoop. As you see here you
can wear 4 crosses. Or you can just wear 1.
How spiritual are you ? Pick a color, any
color. Now add to it.
A Ring System. Shown
on the wedding finger
are stones of different
colors. Wear 1 ring or
3 together and mix the
colors up the way you
want for how you feel.
You decide.
Wear all 3 hanging spheres on
the earring hoop. Or just wear
1 sphere. Or 2. Or 4. Whatever
feels best for what day you are
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