Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the Future ...
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
copyright 2003
All rights reserved.
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
People, Faces, and Friends - "A Matter of Histories" - The Cast of Characters.
We heard you all were bothering Mr. Cool -- we brought enforcement. New York's Finest as
backup. In case we need it. New York's Finest ... It just keeps getting ... finer and ... finer. The
model of A Woman in Uniform. No, she's not part of The Fashion Show. She is on the Job.
You know, Working. Men In Black. Woman In Blue. Images in Time by Richard Renda.
Editorial Music Credit:
Instant Amnesia
Ringo Starr
Koch Records

The Men In Black. Hey, who said you could wear a grey suit ? What do you think Ty
will say ? Who is that guy in the picture underneath ??? Didn't we see you on TV ?

Section 3:
The MagaZine
People, Faces, and Friends - A Matter of Histories - The Cast of Characters. If you want to see what
is on the inside you have to get beyond this point. Check with Michael. You have to be on The List.
Where's your
pass ? You
know you
have to have
a pass. Did
you make
that at
Kinko's ???
Just because those guys let you
in doesn't mean I'm letting you in.
You on the list ??
Is that a paint
can in your bag ?
You know we
run an Orderly
shop here.
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