This is the red, while, and blue American Heritage Shoulder Bag.
David Jet Black Horse Creations. Special Thanks to Dust Communications.
Shot on location -- home on the range --- in New York City ... by the
documentarian on a mission ... Richard Renda. Totally Cool .

Totally Cool
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Laurie S. Schechter
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Images by
Richard Renda
The MagaZine
To catch the size of this Dream Catcher you can see the corner of the doorframe in the upper right
of the picture. Where the wires are that is an 18 inch to 2 foot space. There is proportion. David Jet
Black Horse -- (David Dazho Dithit lll) ... is sold at ... Buffalo Chips Clothing & Accessories stores.
Section 3:
Accessories: Down To Earth.
David Jet Black Horse
In June 2003, Steven Miesel's photographs featuring pieces from the Jet
Black Horse Collection earmarked David's entry in to the world of editorial.
But more than the fashion industry have taken notice. Celebrities ranging
from Cameron Diaz to Audrey Tautou are strong supporters of David's work.
David's adherence to only using the
most authentic Native American
materials in his signature pieces
make every item unique. Jet Black
Horse collection is currently sold at
Buffalo Chips, Lucy Barnes and by
special order in New York City.

The full view of a fringed
Leather Belt Pouch from
The Jet Black Horse Collection.
Yellow leather
and brown suede
Belt Bags.
The stuff that
dreams are
made of.
The Giant
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