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The Accessory Wolf: Gregg Wolf Accessory Designer and Craftsman. Featured here
are the handles and knobs that Gregg Wolf creates for drawers and closets. We see
they are not the typical downtown eastside cutting edge over the top modern shape
designs. Although, Gregg can create those too. These are -- wouldn't you say:
beautiful ... "In classic form" ? Captured Moment: R. Renda.

A close-up reflection of the Gregg Wolf Stitch Bracelet for men and women. You
might think it was weaved. Below is the dog collar Gregg donated to "Art For
Animals." It was made with Sterling Silver and black Tahitian pearls.
Section 3:
The Accessory
We asked Gregg to solve our mystery. He said -- "They are knobs
and handles for drawers and cabinets." How's that for adding to
your scope of Accessories and Accessory Designer ? Something
that most would not think about.
Clockwise (above) is The Bulldog Ring. Then you see The Stitch Bracelet and Mod Flower Power
choker. What is unique about Gregg Wolf Designs is that many of them are unisex pieces. In fact,
when you see them on, they look just as good when a man is wearing them as they do when a
woman is sporting them. When people think of a Jewelry Designer or Accessories Designer they
think necklaces, cuffs, bangles, earrings, brooches, rings. While we were visiting Gregg's shop we
were looking in a case and could not quite figure out what it was we were seeing. They were not
pieces of Jewelry. But they were definitely some sort of Accessories.
Where Gregg Wolf is concerned, he makes it all.
Images by Richard Renda
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