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Wheel People. A Mini Story. On a good angle. Stuntman Russell Swift in the
green BMW Mini Cooper drives his talent in a way that most can not. We are
on the road in New York City at the Javits Center.
Captured Moment by
Richard Renda.
Chung Lee
Section 3:
Wheel People
This is going to be a very mini story. Wheel People are people
who end up getting in a spot. Russ Swift is one of the best in
the world for knowing how to get into a spot. His moves are
seen in movies and television commercials. Here Russ is
swinging into position as he parks the car at the Javits Center.
He drives down a block, makes a sharp left hand U-turn
and slides right between two cars. Then he gets tipsy.
The pictures speak
a thousand words.
Photos by R. Renda
Watch what happens next. From picture to
picture people in the background get larger.
Russ Swift travels
a full 2 blocks on
only 2 wheels.
Here is a view through
the rear window. You
can see the ramp.
This is where the Automobile Shows International. Success. A good ending for a Mini story.
Special Thanks to Russ Swift, BMW, and the New York City Javits Center.
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