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Alive and Well !
Some may wonder ... what happened
to Bert Stern ? As you can see in
the center of the image top right, he
is alive and well. Who is Bert Stern ?
We will get to that in a minute. Let's
go on a Journey. Let's see things.
But also remember it is the Holidays,
time is short, the pressure is on, and
we're looking for a Gift. The Staley -
Wise Gallery on Broadway in Soho,
along with Saab Automotive and
Conde Nast Magazines presented
the showing of Photographs by The
Photographer: Bert Stern. Bert Stern
is a particular photographer with a
particular history. He shoots fashion
and celebrity icons. But the claim to
fame is this: Bert is the photographer
who did the last sitting with Marilyn
Monroe. The last photo shoot. And
P.S. -- he has a book dedicated to
that moment. We'll get to that. Let's
walk around and get to know some of
Bert Stern's Works.
At the entrance to The Staley - Wise Gallery there was a sign inviting
attendees to have a chance at winning an autographed copy of the
Marilyn Monroe book. Bottom left: Saab Automotive. At right: Bert Stern photo.
Bert Stern - " 50 Years of Photography. " At the Staley - Wise Gallery
on Broadway. Downtown in New York City. Captured Moment by
Richard Renda. (This is Elizabeth Talyor.)

Goldie Hawn by Bert Stern.
Lucille Ball
Let's Journey through the Staley-Wise Gallery ...
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