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Zigi. Footwear. On Broadway. As you enter the door this is
what you see. A candy store of colors. A Stylist's Dream.
Images and preserved Moments by Richard Renda.
A Stylist's Dream
H-e-l-l-o. Every woman and girl -loves- a cool
pair of shoes. As we step inside Zigi we see
numbers of styles knee deep. Wait, that was
supposed to read "styles with numbers and
thigh highs." Creations of the Imagination.
These are soles that are good from Winter
snow to Florida and California sun.
Zigi - 647 Broadway - New York City - Footwear from the Future.
The Word is
Yup those are my feet.
Not bad, right --
left: The question
is, Which one pair
of shoes from the
three choices do
you think she
bought ???

A nice idea.
Shoes with treads.
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