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Yeohlee Teng signing a copy of her Book "Yeohlee: Work" at The Palace in
New York, the Big Gotham. With Elsa Klensch (she who gets him to rub her
shoulders). Good times. Preserved by Richard Renda.
images by Richard.
The MagaZine
Yeohlee Teng
Structured Design
Since we are in the Book Department
we should go forward with another
writing. Yeohee Teng, a well respected
7th Avenue New York Fashion Designer
has authored a coffee table hardcover
book that takes you through A World
of Fashion from simple structure to
architectural enchantment. A young
person learning about the community of
textiles, fashion, and clothing or even a
seasoned expert would gain insight and
depth that only Yeohlee's professional
years can provide. Yeohlee has been a
Fashion Designer who shows on the
runway at the legendary "7th on Sixth"
Fashion Shows in Bryant Park known as
"The Tents." Yeohlee is also a Fashion
Designer who has taken the time to
mentor students from all around the City.
The Book buying and a Book Signing. At Urban Center Books The Villard Houses
North Wing 457 Madison Avenue, New York City. In the Courtyard of The Palace.
Wait until you see all
that is in this Book !

Yeohlee (at left) and
The Lady known as the
cornerstone of CNN's
"Style With Elsa Klensch."
Who better than the beautiful (megaModel) Irina Pantaeva to start the Holiday
Season with a raised Toast ? Yea Irina ! Long time no see. Must be all that
Hollywood and stuff. Congratulations on the newborn coming. What's she saying ?
ToTaLLy CoOL of course. "C-o-o-l ..." (Lots of love and Hugs.)

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