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Images From The Book: Yeohlee. A hardcover Coffee Table issue published by
Peleus Press. Available at Unban Center Books on Madison Avenue, Barnes &
Noble bookstores and bookstores around the world. Above: The Opening of
the Book. Shot live on location at The Palace by Richard Renda.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Let's Open
The Book
When Yeohlee took off in the clothing industry she had a niche, a specality that this fashion Designer carries on with
in every collection from year to year. What Yeohlee first became known for was her Coats. They not only had to look
good, they had to be warm and functional. Born in Malaysia she came to America to begin studies at the Parsons
School of Design. In New York City, Yeohlee opened her own Design House "Yeohlee Inc." (1981). Interestingly
enough, Yeohlee does not act like some stuck-up Fashion Designer. She is what would be called ... a real person.
Simple Designs ?
Architectural Enchantment.
This is the
front cover
(jacket) of
The Book
Work: At
right is the
actual Cape
Yeohlee. A Retrospective. At the Fashion Institute of Technology.
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