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A Preserved Moment by Richard Renda "The Photographer ... Bert
Stern" - alive and well -
at the Staley Wise Gallery. On B-r-o-a-d-w-a-y.
In New York City. That City of the World.
The Last Sitting may be found at
We are wrapping up
our Journey through The
Staley Wise Gallery. This
is The Book front cover.
"Marilyn Monroe - The
Complete Last Sitting."
- Bert Stern -
Alive and Well
50 Year of Photography
The Last Sitting was out
of print for some time. A
volume presenting the
complete 2571 photos is
available in an unaltered
edition. Published by
Schirimer Art Book and
distributed by teNeues.
Found in fine bookstores
and libraries around the
An Exhibition presented by
The Staley-Wise Gallery,
Saab, and Conde Nast

Above is the Bert
Stern Autograph to
the autographed copy
of The Last Sitting.
Congratulations to the
winner. Heaven sent.
Also: we showed you
the reader none of the
inside of The Book. It
is only fair that we
show you one pick.

At right: Marilyn in
The Last Sitting.
Photo by Bert Stern.

copyright: Bert Stern.
All rights reserved.

note: the front cover of The
Last Sitting is not "Blacked Out".
We did it here as a courtesy.
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