The Leica Hermes Limited Edition $10,000 leather 35mm Camera.
This is number 92 of 500. Shot on Location
in The Big Gotham by Richard Renda.
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Step into Leica -- The Leica Gallery.
The Name Professionals Know ...

The Experts of the Camera World
We are ready to go out into the World. We have
all that is needed, head to toe. Now you need a
good camera to preserve the moments that come
to you. There are great camera manufacturers we
recommend. The first question asked is: What's
your budget ? If the budget is limited, you can get
a machine that will do the job nicely. For a couple
of hundred dollars you can get a digital Kodak,
camera, or a Polaroid, or even a Casio. For more
money - when in the $ 500 range we would point
you in the direction of Olympus Digital for a good
professional quality. Something like their 4.0, the
5.0, or the 5050. If the budget has no limits and
you are looking for a "35 mm Film" camera or
maybe you need to get someone a gift ... LEICA,
the people who created 35mm, have something
to know about.
What's in the Box ???
This is a Limited Edition 35mm
Camera known as "The Leica Hermes."
There are only 500 of these. They are
encased in Leather and cost about $10,000.
The Leica Gallery is on Broadway in Manhattan.
It is open to The Public and features notable
photographers' works like that of Elliot Erwitt.
The Leica Gallery is Celebrating
its 10th Anniversary.
Located at 670 Broadway in the
City of the World they are open
Tuesday thru Friday 11am - 6pm
and Saturday noon - 6pm
This is the Press Event we were
trying to get to. So let's see
what is inside !
The Leica Gallery - Selections from The First 10 Years. For more information
you can go to or email
California circa. 1955 by
Photog Legend "Elliot Erwitt."
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