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To Whom it may concern --
(and that may mean You.)
Going into the Holiday Season there
are many thoughts on your mind.
Thoughts about family, friends, and the
inner self. It gets pretty busy in there.
This Season we hope to make your
Holidays brighter. Throughout this
issue of The Book (the Magazine) you
will find the theme is ideas -- ideas of
things you can buy. Some useful,
some just plain fun. And you will find
it grows with: intellect and humor. All
of the great tools for you to survive.
Each idea is part of a story. So The
Holidays should start with a story.
The Story of Giving and Caring.

The Editorial Director and the Editor-In-
Chief were having a conversation about
what direction this presentation of the
Magazine would go. The Editorial
Director wanted it geared toward Gifts.
He said: "Gifts for the Holiday ! Gift
ideas for all the holidays during The
Holiday Season ... including
Ramadan." The Editor-In-Chief said,
"You don't give gifts during Ramadan.
It is a time of fasting." The Editorial
Director said, "Exactly. I Know. But
maybe ..."
He went on, "Maybe. It is something that should happen. At the
end of the last day, when the fast breaks one gift should be given.
But only one gift should be given in exchange. Do you know what
that Gift should be called ?" The Editor-In-Chief interested in
seeing where this was going asked: "What ?" And the Editorial
Director said, "That one Gift should be called ... A Token of
" Maybe when your Special Holiday comes around
you can do that, during that Special moment, give someone "A
Token of Appreciation." Imagine how you would make someone
feel ??? Universally This Is A Good Thing. A Good Thing around
the World. "I am allowed to dream. You never know. One day ..."
"A Token of Appreciation"
For those who are not aware "crazy busy" is one our most favorite
terms. Many good people are contributors to this project. Crazy Busy
goes like this, the Editorial Director (Editor-at-Work) has aired Totally
Cool ... The TV Show ... on Manhattan Time Warner Cable every
week for nearly 10 years (ch. 34), plus there is The TC Magazine (you
see it here), then this whole Editorial internet site, aside from another
internet site of a Historical / Spiritual nature. And other miscellaneous
projects. Honoring LIFE. "Crazy Busy." A fun statement. Be Kind.
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