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When you talk about the range of "Yeohlee: Work", you are speaking a language that spans
the entire Globe. Designs for the individual Modern American, designs for Chic European
Ladies, designs for Sexy African or Asian Women, and designs that can be worn by a
conservative female living in the Middle East. Yoehlee - the 7th Avenue Fashion Designer that
gets ... Around The World. There is a nice Gift. On Peleus Press.
The MagaZine
"The Official Editorial Authority"
If we are going to have a Holiday we should have
fun ! Add a Court Jester or Maid Marion flavor to
your world. Mystical Enchantment.

The Book "Yeohlee: Work" can be found in
bookstores around the World.
Open the Book. Yeohlee: Work. We have looked at
the shapes. Now let's look at The Range. Banded collared
shirts, cling to the body sparkle dresses, lace and silk, tops
and skirts, pants, sarongs, liquid metal off the shoulder, capes,
and jackets. Head to top fashionable dresswear. Our most
favorite Yeohlee Designs are when she gets into that mode that
takes you into Alice In Wonderland or The Sherwood Forest.
Below you can see the checkerboard collection from sketch to
finished product. Jacket, Cape, Wide Leg Pant, Cigarette Pant.
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