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The Leica Lens uses the best elements to produce the highest quality Lens
in the industry. Captured by Richard Renda -- (sorry to say, not on Leica).
The MagaZine
Inside Leica
Leica Digital
For those who are beyond 35mm film, that only means one thing, Time for
However, "Leica does not make a digital camera." That Is Not True !
Leica enters the Digital Age with not 1 but 3 Leica Digital Cameras. A 3.0, a 5.0, and the R9
Featured here is a Digital Camera good for
everyday use. It has a large display to view
images and it comes in a Leather case in a
variety of colors (shown at left.)
At top is the "Leica Digital D-LUX." It comes with memory card, 2 batteries (one if you run low on power), and 2 cases
... 1 for the camera and 1 for the memory card and battery. Each battery will last about 1 1/2 half hours. The D-LUX
3.0 megapixel comes with a 3 year warranty. The first year you get "a Passport warranty" which means if the camera
breaks for any reason, even if you drop it -- it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. It retails for about $820 and
shoots 8 images a second. 48 to 400 images on 64mb card.
Lecia has many gift ideas for any
Holiday or Special occasion. This is
the "laser range finder." Perfect for
Sports enthusiast or a field surveyor.
With Leica you
can see way into
the Future.
captured moment by Richard Renda
The Leica Digital "DIGILUX 2" is Leica's 2/3 inch ccd sensor 5.0 megapixel Digital Camera for under $2000.
It has a Fast 7 - 22.5mm Leica DC Vario Summicron zoom lens (equivalent to a 28 - 90mm 35mm zoom lens).
Beginning 2004 The R8 and the R9 Leica 35mm Camera will be able to shoot a 10.0 Megapixel Digital photo.
Just add the snap-on Digital Back and you are ready to run with the very best of Professionals.
The R 9 camera body goes for about $2100 and the Digital Back will enter the marketplace at about $4500.
Each image can have a size of approximately 30mb. This camera is not a camera that is focused on someone
who is a Spot Photographer. It is really about quality and is compared to a Medium Format camera. High
quality images on a scale size of about 30 by 40 inches per photograph. Lenses start at around $1000. This
camera with Digital Back can shoot with Leica R Lens made since 1963. Lens ranges are 15mm to 1600mm.
Leica Magnesium Body
5.0 Digital Still Camera.
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