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A Magazine Alive
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With All This Shopping
and Holiday Cheer --
We're Feeling A
Little Hungry !
If you happen to be in The City of the
World doing some shopping at
Macy's in The Herald Square
Shopping District
at 34th
Street & Broadway
in New York City
-- there is a little Italian
Restaurant across the
street on 35th and the
Avenue of the Americas
(SE corner), formerly
known as La Villa, now ...

It is still the same
Restaurant and
old world family
as before. Only
the name has
changed. (Now it
is named after
Dad. Joe / Joseph)
A place to Remember. A place you will not forget.
Captured Moments by Richard Renda.
We tagged them as some of the "BEST
Pizza in the Town." The New York
Times newspaper then confirmed it.
So what can we say -- Feeling Hungry ?

We moved an appointment to the
next day. He moved an appointment
one day
We had
not seen
or spoke
to Patrick in
over18 months
Fate. Destiny.
Magic in Herald
Square. And a
nice surprise.
Look of
shock !
This is Patrick.
Welcome To New York City ... the Place where the Mystics happen.
uummmm yummy. In this restaurant you
can buy a Coke if you want. And if you
are not a Coke drinker, you can buy a
Pepsi instead.
"Hey where's my Pepsi ?!! Oh, that must
be it on the table." When you are on the
go Guiseppe's is a name to know.
For some of the Best Pizza in the World ! The Hot Table is a good meal too. Veggies. Veal Marsala
Herald Square (across from Macy's on
Broadway). 35th Street -- where you can
have a slice of life. Hear the big Bell ring.
Yo, check that pie out ! Flying. It is not touching his hands.
Our friend calls this "Therapy." One day you go out and realize the good things Life really does have
to offer. The simple things.
camera rolling
Now is that a coincidence --
From Old
Knew ?
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