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Richard Renda
Editorial Director
He is not really going to stand on those cameras ... is he ? Leica has made cameras for The Queen
of England, The Pope, and The Dalai Lama to name a few. For one Sheik Leica actually made an all
Platinum camera that took a year to build. Right down to every screw made of Platinum. If you have
the Budget Leica might even make a camera for you. If you don't have millions to spend Leica has
many affordable cameras that anyone can buy (if you want to take pictures like the professionals).
The MagaZine
Well, what did you expect ? Totally Cool asked if and how durable the Leica cameras were.
So ... I stood on them. Durable ? Definitely.
Inside LEICA
The Cameras Used
by Professionals
The Leica limited edition leather
"Leica Hermes."

This is a close-up and personal
look at the leather Leica Hermes
35mm Film Camera for the serious
photographer or collector.
You want to
be part of a
Family ? Let us quote Leica direct: "Anyone
who uses Leica is part of The Lecia Family."
Moments by
Richard Renda
92 of 500
Leica is a company that focuses on its lens quality, which gets improved
on from year to year, by new technologies and new ways of how to design
a Lens for more brilliance and higher image quality. The Leica Hermes
soft leather camera is "All Handmade in Germany." It takes 35 people
and 800 parts to make it. The Lens is numbered also.
Inside Leica - The R9. The
camera with "a Digital back."
This is
Every Leica camera
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