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Section 1:
The MagaZine
A man was working on his motorcycle on his patio and his wife was in the kitchen. The man was racing the engine
on the motorcycle when it accidentally slipped into gear. The man, still holding onto the handle bars, was dragged
through the glass patio doors and along with the motorcycle dumped onto the floor inside the house. The wife,
hearing the crash, ran into the dining room and found her husband lying on the floor, cut and bleeding, the
motorcycle lying next to him, and the shattered patio door. The wife ran to the phone and summoned the ambulance.
Because they lived on a fairly large hill, the wife went down the several flights of stairs to the street to escort the
paramedics to her husband. After the ambulance arrived and transported the man to the hospital, the wife uprighted
the motorcycle and pushed it outside. Since gas was spilled on the floor, the wife got some paper towels, blotted up
the gasoline, and threw the towels in the toilet. The man was treated and released to come home. Upon arriving
home, he looked at the shattered patio door and the damage done to his motorcycle. He became despondent, went
to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and smoked a cigarette. After finishing the cigarette, he flipped it between his
legs into the toilet bowl while seated. The wife, who was in the kitchen, heard the loud explosion and her husband
screaming. She ran into the bathroom and found her husband lying on the floor. His trousers had been blown away
and he was suffering burns on the buttocks, the back of his legs, and his groin area. The wife again ran to the
phone to call the ambulance. The very same paramedic crew was dispatched and the wife met them at the street.
The paramedics loaded the husband on to the stretcher and began carrying him to the street. While they were going
down the stairs to the street accompanied by the wife, one of the paramedics asked the wife how the husband had
burned himself. She told them and the paramedics started laughing so hard, one of them slipped and slipped the
stretcher, dumping the husband out. He fell down the remaining stairs and broke his arm. (Appeared in a Florida
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Bert Stern - Alive and Well
- 50 Years of Photography -

At the Staley-Wise the exhibition begins
its 6 City tour across America. We are
going to see some amazingly Historical
images here. You are looking for a gift ?
A framed photograph can be one of the
coolest gifts a person, company, or
household can receive. The moment
preserved (in many ways). Staley-Wise
represents Bert and a number of fine
talents. This gallery sells these works.
Some you may not believe are actually
for sale. But ... as they say, "Dreams
can come true." Beyond your wildest
imagination. All these images you see
here are not coming from a book. You
are now Live - walking around the gallery.
These are pictures hanging on the wall.
Imagine some of this hanging on your wall in your house.
Hollywood in The Days of Old. Generations gone by.
The Works of Bert Stern.
captured moment R. Renda
Sophia Loren, actress.
Dancing In The Street. Photographic Works by Bert Stern at The Staley-Wise
Gallery in Soho, New York City. Captured Moment: Richard Renda.

Walter Mathau, actor - "The Odd Couple" - bottom center
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