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Life and The Sphere. Rockefeller Center on Fifth Avenue between 49th and 51st Streets in New York
City plays Host to a number of happenings throughout the year. Even though millions of people pass through
here, many other people in the World do not have the pleasure of seeing what does appear. To add to this
Holiday cheer we will "take you there !" As a prelude to the Holiday Season Takashi Murakami brought to
Rockefeller Center the exhibition
"Reverse Double Helix." Takashi Marakami is an artist deeply influenced
by the World of Otaku. An underground culture of people who are devoted to anime, mange, and other virtual
imagery. Although
Otaku is an inherently Japanese phenomenon, a parallel can be drawn with the more
Global notion that cartoons, movies, and other types of mass media offer Universal imagination.
Images by
Richard Renda
The Eyeball. Takashi Murakami's "Reversed Double Helix" in Rockefeller Center, New
York City. Presented by the Public Art Fund, Tishman Speyer Properties, and Target
Department Stores. Captured Moment by Richard Renda.

Stay Tuned. There is what is yet to be seen. And we don't mean "Stay Tuned", like watch for
what comes next. We mean "Stay Tuned" like "Stay Tuned with the Universe you came from." Totally.
Think about it. And go Forward
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