Here could be a man's gift of pleasure. Or it can be a man's nightmare. It is all in the quality. And
in The Look (color, pattern, style). Choose wisely. When you put your hand on a tie you can tell if
it is good. You can feel it. We put our hands on these. They are made of fine silk. Imagine how
they felt. Imagine how a man will feel each time he strokes his tie. (And yes, men stroke their tie.
It comes naturally.)
These Ties are DKNY. Found in quality clothing stores. Solids,
Stripes, and Patterns. Many styles to choose from.
Richard Renda
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In The Men's Department: BRAVE SOLDIER.
Climb a Mountain. Teach a child. Run a Marathon. Be Brave. Explore a new trail. Ask for a Raise. Take her
hand. Refuse to set limits. This is the Brave Soldier. Brave Soldier men's skin products are created from only the
finest natural ingredients. Tea Tree Oil, organic Jojoba, Lavender and Green Tea add healing powers and delicate
aromas to each item in the Brave Soldier product line. Brave Soldier is available at select Sephora locations
(, Nordstrom's, and Bath & Body Works. For the men you will find shaving products, crash packs,
solar shields, antiseptic healing ointment, shower gels plus. Featured above is the Brave Soldier Jet Set under $ 30.
Enjoy The World
Around You
The Gift Shopper
Gift Stuffers
When it comes to working on a Budget or getting for a
large family The Gap Clothing Stores have something
for every size. Below is the 2 inch wide, 10 foot Scarf.
Wrap a round layers. Also this is easy when getting
for the children. This retail chain includes the famed ...
Baby Gap Stores. Good prices. Decent quality.
Bigtime Cool ... Actually that could be the wrong
word. Bigtime warm and cozy is what these are.
EARBAGS. Earbags have the cure for those drab
1950's style earmuffs. You know, the ones with the
Steel band that goes across your head from ear to
ear. Earbags get rid of the wire and create a double
layered fleece ear warmer that fits gently over each
ear like a pair of gloves. At the 2002 Winter Olympics
in Salt Lake City, athletes wore them at the opening
ceremony. Sold in 3500 sports, outdoor recreation
and gift stores including -- Eastern Mountain Sports,
REI, Target, Totes Isotoner.
For those who have a love hate relationship with their shoes.
Foot Petals are
designed to help
prevent feet from
sliding forward in
high heels and stop
painful conditions
in all types of
Men's GIFT
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