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Section 3:
The MagaZine
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Things Are Getting Better
Virgin Records
Can you hear me now ... has just become ... now, you can hear it better. This is the
limited edition Michael Jordan MP3 Player.
A little item with BIG Sound. Fits in the palm of
your hand. The box is about the size of a shoebox. So it will not fit as a Stocking Stuffer ...
but the Player will. "psa25max" Jordan MP3 Player - Portable
Sports Audio by PHILIPS.

"The Official Editorial Authority"
A good idea for those times of Blackouts or Walking In The Dark.
Add a little Light. It makes people feel more secure.
This is the INOVA 24 / 7, 8 function LED Smart Bright. Low output
white, high output white, signal strobe, S.O.S. signal locator beacon, 3
color distress strobe, 2 color emergency beacon, Night Vision Red,
and locator beacon. 2 mile signal visibility. 75' effective range. LED
Lifetime Bulb. Waterproof. Comes with adjustable neck strap. Found
in Marine stores, Camping stores, Police Equipment stores, and in
most Sporting Goods stores.

Enjoy The World
Around You
"A Gift in need is ... A Gift in deed."
You can hear me now. And --
here's lookin' at you kid.
The Gift Shopper Gift Stuffers
Each gift idea in this story will be small.
With the Last Minute Shopper in mind.
They are ideas small in size, yet: grand
in heart. Some expensive. Some not.
Most of these items can fit in a stocking.
Like Stocking Stuffers. Some can not.
Maybe because the box is big. Larger
items are in the outtakes. Miss nothing.
Know it all. Let's go shopping !
You never think about it. Shoelaces. A
fun little gift. These are "SOLE's" Classic
laces. For Fashion taste. They have the
top 27 selling Shoelaces in the sporting
goods industry.
A small
can be very
handy in
A nice gift
found in
Stores in
every city.
This one is
from Cargo.
Listening in Style. So cool. Miriam Haskell HANDS FREE Fashion
Headset for the Cell Phone. Stone encrusted in crystal, pink, ruby,
amethyst, black, blue, topaz. Popular among
the boys and
the men are the
silver and gold
and engraved
matte silver
and gold.
in almost every
major Department
Store; Macy's,
Richs, Burdines,
Nordstrom, Dillards,
Lord & Taylor. $ 20
for the silver and
gold. $ 25 for
the stone version.
Know Someone Who Likes
To Play Word GAMES ???

This is The New York Times
Electronic Crossword Puzzle
featuring a thousand different
crossword puzzles. Available at
Target department stores and
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