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Richard Renda
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A Magazine Alive
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outtakes and misc.
Working with a Budget you can try H & M Department Stores. This little Bag
by H & M is for someone who travels around. A blanket, eye covers, ear
plugs, and a toothbrush for a good snooze and a clean start. Cover up in the
car, on the train, or in the bus. Throw it over the shoulder and go.
Eye covers, blanket, ear plugs, toothbrush. The
Traveler's Pack
from H & M.
The MagaZine
Editorial Music Credit:
Brothers In Arms
Dire Straits
Warner Bros. Records
Enjoy The World
Around You
The Gift
Gift Stuffers
For Grandma, Great
Grandma, Grandpa,
Mom, Dad, even Sis
or the Bro -- good
smells do something
for the senses. Here
are a few that we
checked out that
were quiet nice, not
too high priced, and,
they meet the criteria
of being able to be
found in most quality
retail department
stores. The Designer
Names. At left is
Calvin Klein "Purple
Orchid", 1.7 oz eau
de parfum spray. It
comes in a purple
case as you see
here. At right is Ted
Baker eau de toilette
in the triangle bottle,
2.55 oz --
good smell
for Him
and for
Her in the
coolest of
A Gift in the sun or warm weather fun. These are the Ladies
chic "Vera Wang Eyes." Available where fine sunglasses
are sold. ("eyewear store locator").

is found at select Bloomingdale's, Robinson May, and all ... Marshall Fields, French Connection
Stores. For store locator: www.
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