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Section 3:
This is the Gravis "Terminal Case" for keeping all
your Travel documents in one secure spot.
Available at select Skate, Ski, Snowboard, and
Sportgoods Shops. For dealer locator go to
Braun FreeGlider. 5 minute quick charge. 1 hour for full
charge. Includes low power indicator.
Enjoy The World
Around You
The Gift Shopper Gift Stuffers
A Video or DVD is always a good idea. You just have
to know a person's taste. And you'll be The Hit of the
day. Also, you will find when this gift is viewed it will be
a moment that will be remembered for a very long time.
Featured here is the DVD "Finding Nemo" from Pixar
Have a female in your life ? Young or old you
can not go wrong here. Most Ladies enjoy
Make-up. Bobbi Brown and Mac are high
quality, and best: it is found in many Drug,
Cosmetic, and fine Department Stores in
cities in every Country in this Galaxy.
Sand Pink Blush
and Shimmer Lip
Gloss Professional

This is one of the coolest things to come
forward in the Cosmetic world in a long
time. Maybe we should "GET IN LINE."
For the person looking to get the line
perfect or the young make-up artist looking
to get it better this Make-up comes with: a
Stencil. Place it over the eye and draw.
That simple.
Get In Line. Place the stencil on
the eye and make it professional.
By Beth Bender Cosmetics.
Available at Warren Tricomi Salon
in New York City, also in Boutiques
and Spas in the United States.
Men like a gift that considers
them every now and then too.
We are big fans of the Norleco line
of Triple Head Shavers that are
found in all major Department
Stores. Norleco is a shaver that
both men and women can depend
on for decades. One friend tells
the story of a Norleco he had for
25 years. But that same friend
tells a story about when he had to
send the Norleco shaver into the
shop. Some years back someone
gave Him a gift he never used. It
was a Braun Shaver. It was the
"Travel Pak." 2 electric shavers
in the kit. One large for at home.
One small that worked on 2 "A A"
batteries for traveling. Much to his
surprise our friend was extremely
happy with the little Braun. It
worked well. Shaved close. And
the battery power shaver fit in the
palm of his hand. More Fun.
This is the Braun FREEGLIDER.
It automatically applies vitamin E
enriched shaving conditioner to the
skin while shaving for a closer
shave with less irritation.
GlideControl applicator allows the
user to determine the preferred
amount of shaving conditioner for
optimal shaving comfort. Comes
with cord and recharger. Also
found in fine Department Stores
around the World.
The Gravis. Gravis offers bags that are multi-purpose for
every person and every Budget. Gravis adds new styles and
colorways and new fabrics to compliment athletes, artists,
and even the Fashion Guru's needs. Simple everyday
Backpacks. Detailed Waist Packs. Organized Shoulder
Briefs. Pull Luggage for short weekends or long hauls. They
also have the all purpose Utility Belt and ladies handbags.
Richard Renda

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