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The MagaZine
The modern space age Glove Chair in Verona leather from Content by
Conran is a Comfy gift. Available at Terrance Conran Shops in London,
New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Price $ 2990.
Enjoy The World
Around You
The Gift Shopper
Leave a little
something behind.
Preserve the past and
you preserve the
Future. Your past and
your future. Now put it
on DVD and have it
last 10,000 Years !
According to our Friend
Lady Thomas this is
the one -- it is real and:
it works.
CD & DVD 2004 EASY
simple interface that
restores, edits and
records Home Video to
CD and DVD. Plus, it
restores picture and
sound quality, adds
special effects ... and
removes TV ads. The
must have for any
digital video or VHS
camcorder owner. No
need to worry about the
inevitable deterioration
of VHS magnetic tape.
Now anyone can make
quality DVDs you can
watch on tv or computer
The programmable
timer turns a computer
into a personal video
recorder to record and
burn favorite television
shows anytime.
Magix Movies on CD & DVD
2004 boasts an easy-to-use drag and drop
interface to edit and burn DVDs and automatically
customize DVD menus. Regardless of the movie length,
Movies on CD & DVD 2004 can automatically divide it onto multiple discs. Extra DVD
functions are included. The ability to create professional menus, animated buttons, and backgrounds. Adding
special effects and transitions to a home movie becomes easy. There are over 350 animations, video, text, image,
and sound templates, 30 new transition effects, plus a variety of multimedia DVD menu templates, music clips and
sound effects. Magix DVD 2004 supports Microsoft Windows Media 9 and Real Helix streaming formats and the
DivX codec making it easier to distribute movies over the Internet, to handheld devices, or cell phones. Exports as
MPEG 1, 2, and 4, Windows Media , QuickTime, and Real Helix. Burns VCD, SVCD, and DVD discs. Under $ 40.
Gift Stuffers
Also from Magix comes Photo Story 2004
which creates CD and DVD slideshows that the whole family
and friends can watch on TV. MAGIX PhotoStory works with
personal photos from digital cameras, scanners, and a wide
variety of image, video, and sound files. Simply select photos,
drag and drop to arrange; then click to burn. Save as an .AVI
movie for use in other projects. Impressive transitions, effects,
music and recorded narration can be added. A huge library of
creative touches, such as virtual camera movements, images,
music, text styles, special FX, cross fades, zooms, subtitles,
video clips, close-ups and panorama movements are included.
The 4-track timeline mode makes precision design a snap.
Also under $ 40. or call 888-866-2449 ...
both Photo Story and DVD 2004 sold at Best Buys.
On a budget and you are thinking about a Digital
Camera. Here are 2 that are under $ 200. Above
is Bluetooth. It is only a 2.0 megapixel carmera
but it is Wireless. That's right, no need for
hooking up messy wires to the computer.
The Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless transmits
images to Bluetooth compatible devices, like
mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops as well as
USB compatible computers. The Eye-Q Go
Wireless is packaged with a Bluetooth adaptor
which allows the user to transform their Windows
based computer or laptop into a Bluetooth device.
Just install the Bluetooth driver software and plug
the Bluetooth adaptor into the USB port and the
computer is ready to receive pictures wireless.
The Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless digital camera
transmits pictures from as far away as 30 feet and
no direct line of sight is necessary, even possible
to transmit an image through office walls. Stores
over one hundred VGA sized images in 7MB of
internal memory. It also has an SD / MMC card
slot for additional storage. 3 focus modes ensure
good pictures at any distance. Macro for close-up
images, portrait for group photos, and infinity for
scenic views. The AVI Video clip allows capture of
special moments. Select between 2 Megapixel, 1
Megapixel, or VGA resolution still images.
Go Wireless is less than $ 150. Concord Camera
Corp. markets its cameras under the trademarks
Polaroid , Concord , Keystone , Concord
EYE-Q, and Le Clic just to name a few.
The Concord
3340z automatic
3.1 Megapixel
digital camera
retails for $ 199.
Sold in CVS, Kmart
Target, Walgreens,
amongst others.
For The Big Gift ... at Home or Office ... The Glove Chair.
at Best Buys Department Stores
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