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The MagaZine
This is another one of those Gifts that do not fit in as a Stocking Stuffer. Only
because the box can not fit in a stocking or sock. But the Cell Phone -- it fits in
everywhere. Okay there are many Cell Phones to choose from out there. So why
this Brand ?
This is the phone that can be used anywhere in the World. And it is
major Digital. 1's (ones) and 0's (zeros). If someone talks it sounds crisp clean. If
someone pauses it is silent. You might even have to ask: "Are You still there ???"
One of The Best. Siemens Mobile Cell Phones. Ranging $ 250 to $ 500.
Enjoy The World
Around You
The Gift Shopper
Gift Stuffers
One thing that is adored by men and women, girls and boys,
young and old -- is Jewelry. A ring, a neckchain, a bracelet,
earrings. It works for almost every body. You could even
move a person 's emotions "From the heart. " At right is The
Charm Bracelet by Juicy Couture.
Juicy Couture made the
Track Suit into a fashion item
by putting it in comfy fabrics
like velour and french terry -and- on the bods of Hollywood
starlets. They expanded into a well respected line of bags
and now have introduced a line of "Charming" jewelry with
earrings and charm bracelet. Charm link bracelet with heart
and J charm only $ 35. Additional Charms range from $ 25
to $ 40 each.
Juicy Couture is available at Barneys fine clothing
stores, select Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and
Marshall Fields.
If we're in Alaska or we're in Hawaii what is needed is a great
pair of Sunglasses. These are the best. Frames made of
Titanium. From Silhouette. In a wide selection of colors and
styles. Trust us. They are not cheap. Not by any sense of the
word. In the neighborhood of $ 300. The official Eyewear of
NASA and The International Space Station. Did we mention
they have no hinges --
Another Classic GIft is the Wallet. Something you
might give Dad. These are the LoungeMaster and the
JF Roadster from "J. Fold." The Original Sportswallet.
J. Fold is available at Henri Bendel and Terence
Conran Shop in New York City, Flight 001 in
Los Angeles and San Francisco, Nordstrom in
Los Angeles and select boutiques. For stores
near you go to:
by Richard
The Siemens "Crown Jewel." The SL 55. With an eye catching color display and unusual slider
design. A person can use the phone with one hand while holding a Cocktail glass in the other.
Juicy Couture Terry Make-up
Case $ 45. And just for a little
FYI ... Bobbi Brown also does
a make-up case in this same
shape -- but in Black Leather.
Where Bobbi Brown products
are found. Juicy Couture
store resources listed up top.

Since we're on Juicy. At left
and right are a couple of Juice
Energy Boosters
that come in
little packets and fit in almost
anywhere. Like they say, just
add water.

"Emer'gen-C Lite" and
Emer'gen-C Lemon Lime
by Alacer Corp. Available In
quality health food stores.
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