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Oh and by the way ... if you think you are too old for The Bionicle World think again.
To keep up with the times here is the DVD Movie, The Official Guide, and the Watch.
See ? Lots of baby phat.
I Can't Hear YOU !
Gadgets and Things
WHAT ? ! !
Turn The Commercial DOWN --
Enjoy The World
Around You
One of the Hottest
Childrens Gifts
around is from lego.
Believe it or not -- the Hottest Gift for Kids "is" Lego. Lego has come
a long way since the little red, yellow, blue, and white snap together
bricks children played with in the mid 1900's. If you are a Parent
you better know LEGO. It is Bionicle. A World Action Packed with
Imagination. Legend tells of a mysterious and powerful Seventh
Toa who will save the island Mata Nui from Makuta. Wearing the
Kanohi Avohki (the Mask of Light) and carrying the Kolhii Staff of
Light he will challenge the darkness of Makuta to free the
Matoran. The final challenge begins.
There are numerous Bionicle characters to
choose from. But their World has grown so
large they have Books, Accessories, and
Games to make each Adventure more
The World of
Bionicle has
a game for
XBox, Game
Cube, and PC
Available at
Kay Bee Toy
Stores, Toys
R Us,
wherever fine
toys are sold.
Lego has creative and design kits to keep the children busy for
hours having Fun. Give the Gift most important to a child. Give
the Gift of Imagination.
We have a friend
that works for TV
and Radio. He
verifies that
Network TV
Stations and
Radio Stations
boost the volume
30 % during
This little gadget,
the TV Volume
Regulator from
Terk, solves all
that. Connect
between the TV
and cable box,
satellite receiver,
DVD Player or
VCR using
standard audio
cables. Be in
control. Lists for
$ 49.99
Got a Macintosh User in your family ? Wouldn't want
to forget about them. The iTunes Volume Logic Plug-in.
Octiv Volume Logic runs on Mac OS X and provides real-time
digital remastering for improved quality of sound for iTunes.
Volume Logic sells for $19.95 -- available at
This Volume Logic plug-in improves the quality of the listening
experience by digitally remastering audio in real time with the
same technology used by the pros in the music and broadcast
business. All the audio processing takes place while sound is
sent to external speakers or headphones. A Mac user's delight.

The Time has come for you to have a Great Holiday.
What are you waiting for ??? Get out there and Enjoy !
Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Now, for the Ultimate Gift. Do you like Motorcycles ??? Let's take
a ride. But not on any old Motorcycle. Let's try one designed by Acid.
"Acid" (aka Scott Chester) is an Industrial Designer of Motorcycles,
Helmets, Clothing, Jewelry, and Art. And let's not forget to mention
Cigars. Acid Cigars consists of 5 different lines and 16 different Cigars.
Blends of 140 botanical and herbal elements. (
Scott "Acid" Chester and his team designed the "soda series"
motorcycles which include: Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, 7 Up, Sprite,
and Dr. Pepper. Then there is Benelli, Caterpiller, ECKO, and Tommy
Hilfiger motorcyclyes designed by Acid -- amongst others, and a
Helmet for Ralph Lauren. The Acid concept represents the Lifestyle of
an individual who's not afraid to explore the Earth and Life.
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