Cool Winters. Warm Winters. Looking Forward. Baby Phat has it all.
And ... when Celebrating any Holiday it might be a good idea to have a:
PHAT Holiday.
Special Thanks to The Peoples of the City of New York
and to The Universe itself. Baby Phat Photographs by David Jacquot.
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BABY Phat into Today and Tomorrow
The MagaZine
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Phat Holiday
A Baby Phat Holiday
The Full Range Collection
by Kimora Lee Simmons
Oh ...
my my
Oh my my Omahyra
If you do not know this high profile Model, her
name is Omahyra. One of The Hardest Working
Women in the whole Fashion Industry. She is
the Lady with ... Attitude. Her attitude is to do a
professional job while having Fun doing it. And
she does it so well. Omahyra is a New York City
girl that comes from a loving family -- tough,
streetwise, with a lots of kids (5) in the family. If
you see her at work and you catch her giving a
kiss to a female what you might find is: it is her
sister. Can you imagine ... another Omahyra on
the runway ? Watch out !
We take this moment to
say A BIG Happy "Thank
You" to each and every
Model who puts a
sincere foot forward, all
the production people
who help make good
things happen, all the
hair & make-up artists,
all the photographers,
stylists, dress crews,
Model Agencies, drivers
PR people; press, media
and editorial people --
and to all those who
think they are forgotten.
You are not forgotten,
not in all of time. As
you can see. You all
HOLIDAY Season !
(Did we forget our
Security team ? We
would never.)

We send to you all
this ...
A Token of
This is a Holiday episode. A special occasion. Think about this. You have a daughter, a
granddaughter, a girlfriend, that special someone in your life (male or female - young or old).
You bring a package to them all wrapped up. It is a Box. Then the box is opened. When it
opens there is a gift in it
for a special someone. Can you imagine how the person getting the
gift will f-e-e-l ? If they did not know they were special before, they do now. A Day ... that
will not be forgotten. If you know someone who has a hard time taking a gift, or enjoying
(coping with) the good feeling of being given one ... just have them take the time to read this
-- slowly. They will understand. The message is written in Black.

A gift can be something huge or a gift can be something as simple as a pencil drawing from a
young child. A gift is a Gift.
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