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Imagination and Art by Ben Ruhs.
A perfect Gift Idea. A Photograph, a Sculpture, a works of Art.
Shot on location by your On The Spot reporter: Richard david Renda.
At the Barthelemy Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.
An excellent Gift Idea for that anytime of year Token of Appreciation. Something that comes from the Heart.
Like Culture and Art. Whether it is sculpture, a painting, or a photograph it is easy to find a place for it to live.
shot on location at the Barthelemy Gallery
in Williamsburg - Brooklyn, New York.
Consider the person you are giving a
gift to. Think about the things they
might like. Think about it from their
point of view, not yours. Once we
heard a story of a person who gave
someone a painting. They made a
big deal that something special was
coming. When the gift was given to
the person it was intended for it was
a beautifully framed oil painting of a
pet, a little dog that had recently
died a few months prior. It broke
someone's heart. Good lesson to
learn - "choose wisely" when dealing
with matters of the Heart.
Plus it will always retain the greatest
value, the value of Memories. A gift of
this caliber takes some deep thought.
Ben Ruhs'
Imagination Art
Devilish Clouds and Flying Emotion Artworks. Paintings by Ben Ruhs.
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