Marilyn Monroe - photographed by legendary Lensman Bert Stern. On the wall at the
Staley Wise Gallery in New York City. Captured by Richard Renda.
When we asked earlier "if someone needed a Gift could they buy one of these precious framed
images ?" we were told "Yes." Then when we came to this one. The Editorial Director could not
believe here was an opportunity for someone to have this hanging in their home. He had to go ask
again. And the answer was, "You can buy that one too." Amazing !
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The MagaZine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
The Book "Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe -
The Complete Last Sitting" contains 2571
photographs, full size and clip tests. Plus there
are some of the most revealing images of Marilyn
Monroe ever to be offered. The coffee table book
adds more depth by also telling the intimate story
behind the scenes. It tells the tale of the red X's.
Those are the picks Marilyn Monroe did not like.
Marilyn X'ed them herself. She even scratched some of
the film. The book is heavy, literally. In every way. As
one of those gifts to be rememberd "Marilyn Monroe - The
Complete Last Sitting" can be found on
The back Jacket Cover
Okay, you can not have a real Holiday Season or a complete Holiday Season
without having a little cheer. We raise a glass to you all. A Toast ! Wishing
you all the very best for you and your loved ones throughout the next year.
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A Glass of Cheer by Bert Stern. Captured Moment by Richard Renda.
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