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Inside THE SPHERE. The American Museum of Natural History. 81st Street and
Central Park West, Manhattan -- New York. The World of SONIC VISION.
We Would like to take this time to say "Thank You" to everyone at the New York City American
Museum of Natural History and to wish you all The Best throughout the coming years.
captured moments by Richard Renda.
Sonic Vision
LIFE In A Sphere
A Journey in your Mind
that is
out of this World !
Friday and Saturday
night at the
American Museum
of Natural History
Sonic Vision. One-of-a-kind computer generated sight and sound experience that uses next generation technology
to illuminate the Planetarium's dome with dazzling visions. Presented in association with MTV2 and Sun Systems.
in the Hayden
Planetarium at the
Rose Center for
Earth and Space.
Captured moments by Richard
Sonic Vision. In The Wormhole (above). (Just below) A Journey of Color. Hummm ... sounds familiar.
Now There is Something To Do for The Holiday Season or a Special Occasion:
go see SONIC VISION and Fly !
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